Publisher's description:

Highlander was a surprise hit in the mid 1980s. The idea behind it seems somewhat strange - that immortals have lived throughout the ages and spent their time cutting off each other's heads - but the movie was so well visualized, written and shot that it became a hit. The seminal Queen soundtrack helped somewhat, too.

This Unofficial Role playing Game is assuming two things:

1. That you, the player, are fully aware of what the Highlander movie is all about.

2. That you have played role playing games before and are therefore fully capable of running a game with little to no advice or instruction.

This game is going to take primarily focus on the original 1986 movie - the sequels and the television series have not been taken into account, but feel free to adapt or change as you see fit.

Publisher's disclaimer:

This is a fan-made creative exercise and has not been created for profit. Therefore the company that owns the Highlander license, trademark or copyright does not endorse it. The game is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Highlander, the Highlander logo, all names and pictures of Highlander characters and any other Highlander related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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