Idima Nahru
Appeared in Highlander Comics (Issues #10 - #12)
Name Idima Nahru
Aliases Unknown
Year Joined Unknown
Immortals Observed Unknown
Status Deceased, 2012 - Radiation sickness / age
Occupation Rogue Watcher
Founder / Leader of the Eye

Idima Nahru, a mortal, left The Watchers at some point during either the late 1990s or the early 2000s, frustrated when no one would listen to her conspiratorial rants. She created a cultish organization dubbed "The Eye," with herself as its figurehead.

The Watchers managed to infiltrate the organization with one undercover operative. However, the operative was discovered and returned to the Watchers in pieces -- the only hard evidence the operative discovered and released was a photograph of the mysterious Immortal Nibila with Idima.

Global Schemes Edit

In the year 2012, Idima used Nibila to kill or capture Immortals and bring them to the Eye's compound in Tunisia. Nibila was equipped with a metal collar preventing her from losing her head in combat. When Duncan MacLeod challenged and bested Nibila, the destruction of her collar set off a nuclear weapon in a nearby community, engulfing it in a mushroom cloud.

Idima succumbed to her advanced age and radiation sickness after Duncan MacLeod, Methos, and an unnamed imprisoned French Immortal kidnapped her and used her to force her followers to allow them into a ship containing more nuclear weapons.

Duncan was betrayed by the French Immortal -- once the group reached the ship, the two fought, and Duncan beheaded his opponent, setting off several nuclear weapons.

Plans and Philosophy Edit

Idima had plotted to use Nibila and MacLeod to set off the weapons. The ultimate purpose of her plan was not revealed at the time. Her personal philosophy was that she was clairvoyant, and that fate was set. She deftly manipulated MacLeod, Nibila, and the other Immortals to achieve her goals.

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