Series Highlander: The Raven
Season One
Episode 15
Protagonist Amanda
Friends Nick Wolfe
Liam Riley
Michael Garrett
Enemies Talia Bauer
Set In Paris, France
Flashbacks 1792, France
Previous Story The Rogue
Following Story The Frame
Written by Elizabeth Baxter
Directed by Dennis Berry
Broadcast On February 22, 1999
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 98115-215

Plot SynopsisEdit

Nick is hired to retrieve a suitcase stolen from a chemical laboratory. Amanda is able to identify the thief as Immortal Talia Bauer, a woman who saved her life in the French Revolution. As such, she tries to convince Talia to simply fly away now that Nick's on the case. Unfortunately, Wolfe discovers that the suitcase contains a large vial of neurotoxin which she intends to sell on the black market.




Story NotesEdit


DVD & Other ReleasesEdit


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