Ingrid Henning
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode The Valkyrie
Name Ingrid Henning
Aliases Rivka Wasserman, Inga Swenson, Kathy Stevens
Born 1830, in Berlin, Germany
First Death 1859, Beaten to death by abusive husband
Teachers Werner Tannen
Origin German
Watchers Lori Tarkhanian
Status Deceased, beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1996
Occupation Assassin
Portrayed by  Musetta Vander
Ingrid was a resistance fighter against the Nazis in WWII Germany along side Duncan MacLeod. She was involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler, but it failed. 
Guilty about her failure, she spent the following decades as an assassin, killing men she feared would rise to power as Hitler did. 

In modern day, Ingrid assassinated a Russian politician, Igor Stefanovich and Duncan wanted to stop her from killing her next target, an American white-supremacy advocate, Alan Wilkinson. During a discussion of Ingrid and her activities with Joe Dawson and Methos, MacLeod admitted he could not approve of her actions, but could understand them, and was torn about what to do about her: "In her heart she thinks she's right. And part of me agrees. I don't know how to stop her."   To which Methos quietly replied, "Don't you?"

When she finally killed Robert Frayne, a police officer who stood in the way of her assassination plans, Duncan realized Methos was right, and he must stop her after all.  She lost her head to him outside a venue for her most recent target's political speech.


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