Inspector Bertrand
Appeared in Season Six Episode Two of Hearts
Status Deceased
Occupation Police Inspector
Portrayed by  Patrick Rameau

Bertrand was a mortal with the French police. He and his team had the charities director, Bartholomew, under surveillance for nine months - 3,000 man hours - when their efforts were thwarted by Katherine and Nick Sutherland. Although the pair uncovered the number to Bartholomew's Swiss account, it revealed a balance of only 6,300 dollars. Bertrand informed the pair that the surveillance was at an end due to their interference.

He then wanted to know why two people had so many passports, money from a half a dozen countries, weapons, and credit cards in a range of names stashed in a suitcase: "Who are all these people?" He confiscated the contents of the case and escorted the Sutherlands back to their hotel, where he watched them pack, and waited with them to take them to a flight out of Paris. Nick told him that he needn't babysit them, "Nonsense, I'm saving you all that taxi fare to the airport."

When Katherine sensed Bartholomew's arrival, she and Nick tried to get Bertrand to safety, but he thought they were not serious, that no one knew where they were. He went to the door where he was gunned down by one of Bartholomew's men.

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