Inspector Sole
Appeared in For Evil's Sake
Born France
Status Alive
Occupation Police Inspector
Portrayed by  Gerard Touroul

A plainclothes police officer on the Paris force, he worked with Raymond LeBrun.

He was on the take, reporting the progress of the police investigations to Immortal assassin, Christoph Kuyler, during his time in Paris. He related the information that a witness said he could identify the killers despite the fact that they had disguised themselves beneath mime makeup, and that LeBrun believed this witness, Duncan MacLeod, could identify Kuyler as well. Because of this report, one of Kuyler's assassins tired to kill MacLeod, but missed and badly injured LeBrun instead.

Sole later arrived at MacLeod's barge to tell him that Kuyler had killed again, and that LeBrun, who he said had checked himself out of the hospital against doctor's orders, wanted to see MacLeod at the crime scene - a warehouse in the garment center. MacLeod wondered at LeBrun's failure to capture Kuyler and Sole said that the man was "an elusive bastard" then revealed the fact that Kuyler was an absinthe drinker, something only someone who knew him should know.

After driving MacLeod to the warehouse, the Highlander told him he could go, now that he'd done his master's bidding. As he drove away, he was cut off by another car, LeBrun got out to confront him. He told him there was a tracker on his car, and demanded to know why he had sold out, "Was it only for the money we found in the Swiss account?"

Sole insisted he could explain everything, LeBrun said he would see the dirty cop do life. Sole reached for his weapon and LeBrun kicked him in the face, and placed him under arrest.

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