Irena Galati
Irena Galati
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "One Minute To Midnight"
Name Irena Galati
Aliases Irene Glass
Born 1751, Central Europe
First Death 1779, hanged as a witch for telling fortunes
Teachers Jacob Galati
Origin Romany
Watchers Remi Vijayha
Maria Pezza
Status Deceased, 1992, killed by James Horton
Occupation Dancer
Portrayed by  Romina Mondello

The Roma, Irena was born in 1751 in Central Europe and suffered her first death in 1779, when she was hanged as a witch for predicting the future. Her mentor was Jacob Galati, another immortal Roma. He taught her what she needed to know as an immortal. Remi Vijayha, Jacob's watcher observed Irena as well from 1840.  Irena married Jacob Galati about 1844. She even jokingly commented that she would have been so tired of saying no after 65 years.

In 1847, Jacob and  Irena's Roma group was  in the vicinity of the Rhone, either in Switzerland or in France. The Immortal, Duncan MacLeod had joined Jacob and Irena's group, and they had become good friends. One day a man from a nearby village lured Irena into a barn and raped her. Jacob wanted to kill him in retaliation, but MacLeod convinced him to surrender the man to justice. The local judiciary however, had no love for gypsies and let the perpetrator go unpunished. When he boasted of his act, Jacob took his revenge on him. He was hanged for this and thus was, for their mortal friends, dead. Irena went on alone and when Jacob followed, they began a new life together. Remi Vijayha remained as their watcher. Duncan MacLeod did not accompany the Galatis.

Irena lured into the barn

In 1992, Jacob and Irene lived in France. They had become sedentary and had a house, Irena worked as a dancer. But one day their house was on fire, and as they fled into the forest, they were surrounded by mortals. Their leader, James Horton knew of their immortality. He ordered his men to shoot the Galatis. When they revived Jacob was tied to a tree and despite her pleas for mercy Horton beheaded Irena. Her Quickening was absorbed by Jacob who managed to escape. Irena and Jacob's watcher, Maria Pezza, was later found near the burnt house with a broken neck. It is not known with certainty whether Horton or Jacob Galati killed Maria, but evidence suggests that James Horton was responsible.

Irena about to be killed


Duncan MacLeod later recalled Irena as a sensitive woman with good people skills. She was not vengeful.


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