Iron Horse
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, mentioned in the episode The Watchers
Born 1770 Pacific Northwest
First Death 1803 Battle at Cayahote Creek
Origin North America
Watchers Elk Moon
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Captain James Darling in 1883
Occupation Shaman
Iron Horse was for three generations a Tlingit tribal medicine man. He died in 1803, at the Battle Creek Cayahote. The Watchers knew little about the Tlingit, but in 1883 he was watched by a tribesman named Elk Moon.
Iron Horse

Iron Horse finally lost his head to a U.S. cavalry officer, Captain James Darling, when he and his soldiers massacred Iron Horse's village. Both Elk Moon and Darling's Watcher were killed, so that the actual events are still unknown. The Watchers, however, recorded the death of Iron Horse. In their archives they have the pipe of the medicine man, burned by the energies of his Quickening.

Note: Iron Horse never appeared in Highlander: The Series, but his photo and life story are on the Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM

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