Quentin & Co. are on a hovercraft over the snow, escaping from Arak's forces, when they find an island of forest amongst the ice. Arak circles the region with his tanks and begins to close in with his Hunters. Ramirez finds baby grans (the species that Gaul belongs to), and the gran inhabitants announce the strangers' arrival by shooting arrows to checkpoints. The spear-toting gran tribe captures them and takes them to their tree village, where they meet O'Kif, who can communicate with them. Gaul wins a fight against another gran and faces the snow spider challenge, so the outsiders are accepted. As the Hunters come closer, Quentin, Ramirez, and the grans take on the army and win, despite their inferior weaponry. However, Arak kidnaps Clyde to draw MacLeod into a trap; the grans come to the rescue with flaming arrows, and Quentin cuts off Arak's mechanical left hand. The Hunters leave and a boat is constructed for the heroes to depart, but Gaul has a tryst with another gran before they go.

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