Ivan Kristov
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "Testimony"
Name Ivan Kristov
Born 1579 in Novocherkassk, Russia
First Death 1612 killed while suppressing with a peasant uprising
Teachers Stenka Bulavin
Origin Russian
Watchers Mikhail Zalewski
Status Deceased, beheaded by Richie Ryan in 1995.
Occupation Russian Mobster/Erstwhile Painter
Portrayed by  Alexis Daniels
Ivan Kristov was an Immortal from Russia. Born in Novocherkassk, Russia, he was raised by a family of Cossacks. In 1612, he was killed while suppressing with a peasant uprising and Ivan became Immortal. In 1750, Ivan Krostov was living in Russia with a group of Cossacks, it was there he met the Immortal Duncan MacLeod. Duncan was visiting Russia at the time, and managed to unhorse a Cossacks, a difficult thing to do, which earned their respect. The Cossacks were charged to deal with a group of farmers who were on land that was supposed to be clear according to the nobles. Duncan MacLeod refused to be apart of the destruction of a farming village and Kristov the Cossacks leader insisted MacLeod fight alongside them but he did not.

Ivan Kristov in the 20th century

In 1995, Kristov was apart of the Russian Mafia and was dealing heroin, living in Paris. He was into art and tried his hand at painting. Kristov has a girl serving as a mule smuggle in heroin in a balloon she had swallowed. Kristov ran into MacLeod again in a Paris hospital where hi mule was taken after the balloon full of heroin broke open in her stomach and nearly killed her.


Ivan Kristov holding Richie Ryan prisoner

Kristov threatened MacLeod if MacLeod got in his way. Later on, Kristov kidnapped, Richie Ryan and was at his chateau when MacLeod went to rescue Richie. He dealt with the guards, while Richie got loose of his bonds and wound up facing off with Kristov.

Kristov, in his arrogance, thought Richie too young to be a threat, but underestimated him badly. Richie took Kristov's head.

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