Jack Kendal
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode "Deadly Exposure"
Name Jack Kendal
Aliases Jack Rentro, Jack Wells, Jack Kenton
Born Serajeve, 1953
Died 1998 in Paris, France
Nationality Bosnian
Status Deceased, killed by his own bomb
Occupation Terrorist
Portrayed by  Christian Erickson

A mortal criminal. Born in Serajavo, and educated at the Sorbonne and the London School of Economics, he made his living as a terrorist. His known affiliations included the Red Flag, Arcan Cartel, Shining Path, and Hamas. He was suspected of at least 42 contract murders, the destruction of an airliner, killing over 300, and was never arrested. By 1998 he had been underground for fifteen years, until his image was captured accidentally during a fashion shoot in Paris. His thugs killed the photographer in search of the film, but did not find it. Immortal bounty hunter, Reagan Cole, however, picked up the roll of film from a trash container. The bounty on Kendal was 1 million dollars.

He was in Paris to target a forum on European unity regarding terrorism. Kendal killed a forum attendee, Dr Martin Bellows, stealing his clearance and identification to breach security, but was spotted by Cole who knew both Kendal and Bellows on sight.  When confronted, she informed him that the bomb he had planted had been discovered.  He revealed a second bomb strapped to his body and informed her that should his heart stop, the bomb would detonate.  She countered she could put a bullet through his head and still have several seconds to act before his heart stopped.  She then did so, shooting him and then propelling both him and herself over a railing and into the river, where the bomb exploded with no further casualties.


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