Jackson Trent
Jackson Trent
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "They Also Serve"
Name Jackson Trent
Aliases Jason Trevor, Matthew Jackson
Born 1712, Penzance, Cornwall, UK
First Death 1747, Fell from a seaside cliff
Teachers Mabel Stanley
Origin Cornish
Watchers Maureen Russell, Justin Russell
Status Deceased, 1995, Beheaded by Michael Christian
Occupation Writer

Jackson Trent managed to survive the Game for nearly 300 years. He was no fighter, but lived alone in the country. Jackson stayed away from other Immortals, and enjoyed the company of his cats. He lived a peaceful and quiet life.

Jackson wrote romances under the name "Evangeline", as well as many other stories. Many of them contained swordfighting, swashbuckling, villains, and ladies in distress. His sword was seldom used.

From 1992, Maureen and Justin Russell were his Watchers. In 1995,  he was preparing to move to Boulder, Colorado.  Russell and Maureen, unfortunately, shared the information with other watchers during a poker game at Joe's tavern. Rita Luce, who was Michael Christian's watcher, used this information, and fed it to her immortal. Christian hunted down and beheaded Trent.

Note: Jackson Trent never appeared Highlander: The Series, but his photo and biography are on the Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM.

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