Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode The Frame
Name Jade
Born 1286 England
First Death 1320 Killed as a thief
Teachers Amanda
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Charlotte Lewis

Jade was an immortal thief. She had long ago met Amanda and the women had an adversarial relationship for 700 years.

Although both women are very similar, they always tried to out do each other. Jade was much like Amanda, a master thief, but with fewer scruples - which was saying something. Once she was caught by Father Liam Riley, when she stole from the collection plate of his church. She told him then that she had to feed her sisters, but she had no sisters.

Between 1878 and 1908 Jade and Amanda met each other four times.

Jade in 1908

Every time they had to make a decision, so both drew a playing card to see who would get their way. And every time Jade won with the Queen of Diamonds. They saw one another in 1908 at a masked ball at the Tower of London. Both were after a particular diamond, so they had to once again let the cards speak. Jade won, and stole the diamond, but she was forced to hide it before they entered the ballroom again. Amanda saw her do so, and disappeared with the diamonds before Jade could get them back.

In 1998, Nick Wolfe was hired to deliver a valuable painting to a museum and, intrigued by the idea of taking something valuable to a museum, Amanda went along.

They had hardly delivered the painting when it was stolen, and they found themselves squarely in The Frame as the prime suspects for the theft. Even Liam thought Amanda had done it, suggesting slyly that she return it for the reward and use the money to give his church a new roof.

But Amanda knew that someone else was there - long time rival Jade. Jade had done the job under Amanda's nose. Later, she sidled up to Nick Wolfe for the fun of it. Eventually Amanda and Nick recovered the painting from Jade, but Amanda realized that it was a fake.

Nick's client, Sir Trevor Benton, had no intention of giving up the painting, and was donating the fake as part of an elaborate scam. To avoid detection, he arranged for Jade to steal it. When he double-crossed Jade, and both she and Amanda end up shot, they put aside their differences long enough to work together to give the baronet a taste of his own medicine, as they frame him for an attempted break in at the museum.

Amanda and Jade, working together

Amanda and Jade's first collaboration was made ​​lightly, and Jade got to have dinner with Nick after. This small victory over Amanda gave her enormous pleasure.

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