A Watcher and native of Dehli, India, he was educated by Father Robert McKay and was recruited and mentored by Rajid Patel, one of the relatively few active Watchers on the subcontinent.

Jagdish was assigned to the Immortal, Kamir in 1759.  His cover was that of servant but he was also skilled as a tiger handler, ivory carver, and sitar player.  He spoke Hindi, Urdu, and English.

In March of 1764, he reported that Duncan MacLeod had joined the English delegation in the court of the Maharaja. MacLeod had been unaccounted for for almost a decade after his time in North Africa. Bhailal was tasked to watch both Immortals as personnel was in short supply in India. As soon as was practicable, MacLeod would be assigned to another Watcher.

His career consisted of the following assignments:

Kamir 1759 - 1771

Duncan MacLeod 1764 - 1766

Indira Bedi 1771 - 1783

He retired in 1783.

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