James Douglas
Appeared in Highlander: The Series novel (Highlander: Scotland the Brave)
First Death 1746 - Killed at the Battle of Culloden
Origin Scottish
Watchers Not assigned
Status Deceased, 1996 - Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod

James Douglas had joined the army Prince Charles Edward Stewart, and fought on the 16th of April, 1746, at the Battle of Culloden. He was mortally wounded, his face smashed. As he desperately tried to drag the field, he met Duncan MacLeod. MacLeod swore him to stay with him, because he sensed that Douglas would soon be an Immortal. But then MacLeod was called to the Prince, who took flight with every able-bodied man. Duncan left Douglas behind, who died and revived as an Immortal. In the next hour, he was "killed" three more times by the English, and each time he awoke to life again, healed. At the time of his First Death, James Douglas was about 30, had red hair. and was a remarkable 2.10 meters (6 foot 8 inches) tall. Later, he also grew a red beard.

Later Life Edit

Douglas did not know what he was, or why he could not die. He found no mentor, but was repeatedly challenged by other Immortals. It was long before he realized why they were all after his head. During the first decades, he survived mainly because of his size and strength. From that point on, Douglas also hunted Immortals, especially the English.

By 1996, he had beheaded three Immortals that were not English: a Frenchman, a Spaniard, and an elegant Italian. All the others were British, and Douglas took revenge for his experience on each individual: he wounded them mortally, as he had been wounded at Culloden, before he finally beheaded them. Despite these activities, Douglas appeared in the chronicles of Watchers only in the form of unconfirmed sightings, and never had been allocated his own Watcher.

Final Confrontation Edit

During the 1990s, Douglas traveled with Shakespearean troupe. In August, 1994, he arrived in Edinburgh, where he found Colin Cameron, whom he included in his troupe. Presumably in 1995, Douglas ran into Annie Devlin in Ireland -- and learned from her that Duncan MacLeod was also Immortal, and was still alive.

In early February, 1996, Douglas's troupe brought the play Macbeth to Seacouver. Annie Devlin was also in tow, and wanted to help him.  A few days later, it came to confrontation: Devlin, led by Cameron's conjured misunderstanding, challenged Duncan. He had no other choice, and beheaded her in self-defense. Douglas had only been waiting for this moment: He attacked the still-weakened Highlander, and "killed" him several times in the various ways in which he had killed the English after Culloden.

But in the end, MacLeod rallied, and beheaded him.

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