James Vincent
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode The Darkness
Name James Vincent
Aliases Vincent Young
Born 1843, Chicago, Illinois
First Death Killed in a fire while working with the Chicago Fire Brigade during the Chicago Fire
Teachers Robert Orin
Origin American
Watchers Annette Stanley
Status Deceased, 1993, killed by renegade Watcher Pallin Wolf
Occupation Writer
Portrayed by  Adrian Hughes
James Vincent was living in Chicago in 1871. He was a fireman and died during the Great Chicago Fire of 8-10 October.

In 1993, James was living in Portland, Oregon, and worked as a children's book author. The friendly and charming James had always loved children.  James met librarian Michelle during a reading and they fell in love and planned a future together.  James told her the truth about himself and his immortality.

In mid-October, however, Michelle was abducted and after a frantic James had sought unsuccessfully for three days, the kidnappers ordered him to a house in Seacouver, Washington.
James Vincent

James Vincent about to face off with Pallin Wolf.

When he arrived, he could sense no other immortal, and entered the house seeking Michelle.  The house however belonged to the Hunter Pallin Wolf, who knew of the immortals - and how to kill them. In order to gain an advantage over men who had been dueling for centuries, however, Wolf plunged the house into total darkness and fought wearing a night vision scope. All but helpless in the situation, James fought blindly, but Wolf inevitably won the battle and beheaded James.

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