Jason Landry
First appearance Highlander: The Series season 5 episode "Archangel"
Last appearance Highlander: The Series season 6 episode "Avatar"
Name Jason Landry
Born March 9, 1924 in Derby, England
Died May 16, 1997
Nationality English
Status Deceased
Occupation Archaeologist
Portrayed by  Edward Jewesbury

Jason Landry was Chairman Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, Oxford University as well as "... an archaeologist. No one in the world knew more about those weird, ancient religions."

He wrote the books, Ideals of Good and Evil (1958), Secrets of the Idol (1972), The Mythology of Heroes, (1987), and Thus Spake Zarathustra (1995) and was said to have really believed everything that was in the books, everything about good and evil fighting over the fate of the world, and nobody could see it. He believed that the Zoroastrian myths of ancient Persia held the truth about a cycle of evil that came to the earth every thousand years. He traveled to Egypt, and India, and Iraq, searching ancient texts, for some hint of how to defeat this great evil he thought was coming. He searched for a champion. On one of the pages in his journal he wrote: "The next warrior / Mac Leod."

He entered an ancient tomb near Basra, Iraq where he apparently found a representation of a Zoroastrian mythological being marked "Armant. Alope. Ahriman." He studied the statue, "We should all be afraid. The thousand years are up. The demon is coming." His companion was then killed by a spear that had been in the statue's hand.

Six months later, Landry was in France searching for the champion of good. His assistant, Sophie Baines, was working with him at the time. Landry finally found, and went to confront, MacLeod, "I've come to warn you! The time is at hand. The millennium is upon us! He is coming! He's here for you, you're not ready! I haven't taught you how to fight him." But while MacLeod was distracted by a manifestation of Horton, Landry became surrounded by mist, and then saw the face of the statue from the tomb. The ends of his scarf were then jerked up and out, tightening around his throat.

When MacLeod returned, he saw the livid bruises on the man's throat. When he later asked about Landry's murder, the morgue attendant said there was no murder, that death was due to natural causes. When MacLeod claimed to have seen the bruises, that he had been strangled. The morgue attendant was insistent; "Monsieur, I examined the body myself. Jason Landry died of a stroke. There were no marks of any kind."

His granddaughter, Allison Landry, had the body sent for cremation.


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