Jeff Case
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven, in the episode A Matter Of Time
Name Jeffrey Case
Immortals Observed Andre Korda
Nationality American
Status Deceased, 1998, killed by Crysta

Jeff Case was the Watcher assigned to Andre Korda.

He was spotted and killed by Korda's thug, Crysta. Nick Wolfe discovered Case's body, and pursued his killer, only to loose her. When he returned to the body, two men were loading it into a van. A third pulled a gun on Wolfe and told him to lower his. When he said, "We didn't do this, Nick." Wolfe replied that he didn't know him. To which Joe Dawson responded, "You're not supposed to."


Wolfe discovers Jeff Case's body

Both men returned to Amanda's were she let slip the word Watcher in front of Wolfe, much to Joe's disgust. Joe told them that the dead man had been Jeff Case, his wife's name was Marilyn, and that Jeff's father and he had been friends for over twenty years - and that was all he could say.


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