Jennifer Hill
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, Season 5 episode Haunted
Name Jennifer Hill
Born May 24, 1970 in San Francisco, California
Nationality American
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Kathy Evison

Jennifer was the mortal wife of the immortal, Alec Hill, a friend of Duncan MacLeod's. She became convinced she was being haunted by Alec, that he wanted vengeance for his death, and she set MacLeod on the trail of an immortal named Gerard Kragen, who had murdered Hill's first wife, Genevieve, in 1888, and whom she was convinced had taken Alec's head.

Of Alec's feelings on Genevieve, she said: "He was waiting for Genevieve's spirit to join mine."

She became close to Richie Ryan while MacLeod was away fulfilling his vow to destroy Kragen if Alec was killed before he could do so. MacLeod asked Richie to stay with her. When Richie took Jennifer to Joe's bar, Dawson recognized her and while Jennifer was away from the table, informed Richie that he, not Kragen had killed Alec Hill. Stunned, Richie said he had not known the name of the man he'd killed in San Francisco, certainly not that he'd had a wife. Joe tells him, "Everyone leaves someone behind. Everyone." When Jennifer returns to the men, Richie asked Joe to call her a cab and then fled.

Later that night, she arrived at Richie's apartment, and though he tried to tell her what he had done, she stopped him and told him that she was meant to be with him. He told her it was not a good idea, but she assured him that it was what she wanted, and she and Richie entered into a brief affair.

When Duncan returned, having killed Kragen, she believed Alec was at peace with MacLeod. She returned to Richie's apartment where she became confused when he insisted he had to leave town and that they could not be together. He finally blurted the fact that Alec had picked a fight with him, and Richie had taken his head. Appalled and furious, she called him a sick son of a bitch, and ran away. She went to Duncan and demanded he kill Richie, which MacLeod refused to do. She again rushed out, to return to Richie's apartment, where he continued to apologize to her until she pulled out a pistol and shot him dead. MacLeod interrupted her as she held Richie's own sword at his neck. He tried to tell her that whatever there was of Alec lived in Richie and that killing brought no peace. She finally dropped the sword and said of Richie, "Let him carry it. Let Alec haunt him forever."