Jenny Harris
Appeared in "Highlander: The Series", Season 1 episode "The Beast Below"
Name Jenny Harris
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation singer, back-up singer
Portrayed by  Fay Masterson

Jenny was a talented and pleasant woman, she met Richie Ryan in Paris and invited him to a rehearsal at the Paris Opera where her group was going to be doing a music and dance benefit performance.  Duncan asked how Richie managed to get them invited, and he replied, "Jenny, the girl who sings backup, invited me....because I am irresistible!"

When a spotlight picked out Jenny during rehearsal, the lead singer, Carolyn Lamb, stopped the song and suggest sarcastically that Jenny could carry the song instead. She resented any attention being focused anywhere but on her.

Duncan realized there was another immortal nearby, one who had apparently killed Carolyn's manager, Frank Wells, by throwing him to the stage in front of them. Tessa and Richie invited the upset Jenny back to the barge. 

Jenny later approached Carolyn about songs that she was writing, asking if she could sing them.  Carolyn said they could try them out, but felt threatened by her. When Duncan asked Jenny if she was friends with Carolyn, she said that she'd like to be, that the woman could sing anything from jazz to opera, but that she could be hard to be around. She said the worst thing about Carolyn was that "...I might turn into her."

In a band meeting, Carolyn called Jenny a distraction, that she was not what the group was about.  The band protested that they liked her, they liked her song, and that she was the best backup they'd ever had.

The other immortal, Ursa, was infatuated with Carolyn because of her lovely voice, the jealous diva took advantage of his simple mindedness to set him against Jenny.   As he showed her the catacombs, she said,  "You could bring her down here! No one would ever find you or her!"

When Jenny showed up for rehearsal, Ursa grabbed her and took her down into the catacombs. He didn't really want to hurt her, and offered her bread at his fire, but she didn't understand, and begged him not to leave her alone in the caverns.  When alone she shouted for help, attracting Richie and Duncan.  She said that Ursa had not hurt her, and that he was almost as scared as she was, she almost felt sorry for him.


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