Jeremy Clancy
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode Finale: Part Two
Name Jeremy Clancy
Died May 29, 1995
Nationality American
Status Deceased, killed by Nino
Occupation Newspaper Editor
Portrayed by  David Gilliam

Jeremy Clancy was a newspaper editor for The Tribune in Paris, France.

He was approached by Christine Salzer, who, angry and bitter after the murder of her usband, was determined to expose not only the secret society of the Watchers, but the Immortals themselves.

When she demonstrated to him the Watcher interactive database compiled by her late husband, Don Salzer, and his apprentice, Adam Pierson, he became convinced she was not just another crazy.

He picked up the phone to call a contact, Charles White of the C.I.A. in Langely, Virginia, when they were interrupted by Kalas.

Kalas had his henchman, Nino, murder them both, and then stole the database disk.


Jeremy Clancy's death