Jeremy Dexter
Jeremy Dexter
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode Thick As Thieves
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Stephen Moyer
In 1554, Jeremy Dexter was working and sleeping with Amanda, while traveling in England.

They developed a plan to rob Queen Mary I. They disguised themselves as monks and brought her alleged relics from the Holy Land. While disguised as a Brother Bartholomew, Amanda pretended to fetch a forgotten relic of the horses, transporting much of the treasury of the queen hidden under their robes. When the royal audience was finished, Amanda had a golden cup from under her robe. They were almost caught, but escaped with help.

In 1999, Jeremy was a thief, he was wanted by the police for interrogation.  More facts from the file: brown hair, green eyes, size: 1.82 meters (6 feet) Weight: 81 kg (180 pound), no visible scars, last recorded residence: Monaco Jeremy's band of thieves robbed preferred casinos and gambling dens. Their methods were varied, they played croupiers, mixed drugs in the champagne or severed the power supply. You never used weapons, in none of Dexter's raids people were killed.

Dexter came to Paris and robbed a number of casinos, and finally one with the guard Nick Wolfe. Dexter used this time an anesthetic gas. He recognized his old friend Amanda. Dexter was later visited by Amanda. She warned him that he should leave the city, but they were disturbed by Nick Wolfe.

Dexter was able to escape into a scuffle,  but fell prey to the police. . Since he was stuck with no money now in Paris, he persuaded Amanda to turn off the alarm in an auction house for him. Amanda did the job, but one of Dexter's menshot a guard and they were forced to flee empty-handed.

Jeremy was at a meeting with the Interpol Agent Breslaw. Amanda had an idea: Nick Breslaw led to a meeting between Dexter and Amanda where Dexter should be shot, but as Interpol Commissioner suddenly got scruples, Dexter made an escape attempt and had to be shot by Nick. Officially he was considered dead, unofficially, he left Paris with a generous gift from Amanda.

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