The Jettators are Immortals in Highlander: The Animated Series who've renounced The Game and instead focus on guiding the remnants of mankind back on the road to prosperity. Becoming a Jettator imposes changes to The Rules, including:

  1. An oath to give up fighting. Ramirez is tasked with enforcing the oath and beheading any Jettator who breaks it, but there's also an implication in a few episodes that breaking the oath will result in the offender's death, as when Connor MacLeod and Mangus are killed. In practice it seems to apply only to battle between fellow Immortals, as Ramirez is seen fighting mortal opponents in several episodes, and only takes up arms against a Jettator for attacking another Immortal.
  2. A Jettator is able to pass on their powers and knowledge to another Immortal without being beheaded; the Jettator and the Immortal they gift with their power both grasp the Jettator's sword and a Quickening takes place. In the result of this the Jettator's sword shatters and they become mortal.

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