Jill Pelentay
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "Obsession"
Name Jill Pelentay
Died 1995
Status Deceased
Portrayed by  Nancy Sorel

A mortal woman who was initially attracted to immortal woodworker David Keogh. They met when she saw his work and told him "he must have a very old soul to understand wood like that." They were happy together, and everything seemed perfect, until Keogh took a knife and killed himself only to heal in front of her. She was unable to handle his immortality, and wished he had never told her, but he insisted she had to know.

She said she had a picture of how she wanted her life to be and it included children and grandchildren, something an immortal could not give her. She tried to break it off with Keogh, but he refused to let her go. He nearly beat a man to death just for talking to her. She asked MacLeod to talk to him, to explain her position to him, to get him to leave her alone.

MacLeod tried, but Keogh was unreceptive. MacLeod told him that she could not do it, she could not accept his immortality and all that came with it. That she cold not handle it, she would not learn, she didn't want to learn to handle it, no matter how much Keogh insisted.

Jill took Anne Lindsey's invitation to spend the night at her place, in order to remove her from Keogh's reach, but by the next morning, MacLeod arrived to say that Keogh was gone and would no doubt find Jill.  When Jill returned to her own apartment, he was inside waiting.  When she realized he was there, she retreated and snatched up a nearby fire axe and tried to behead him as he came out the door.  He disarmed her, however, forgave her, and tried to tell her that just because they were different didn't mean they could not be together. 

She retreated from him, going so far as to climb out on the balcony to get away from him, "I don't want to talk, I just want it to be over."  MacLeod arrived in time to find her clinging to the side of the building and tried to coax her back over the railing and safety.  She refused, saying David would no leave her alone.  When MacLeod finally convinced her to give him her hand, Keogh grabbed for her and she pulled away in  panic, falling to the pavement three floor below.


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