Jin Ke
Jin Ke
Appeared in Highlander: Endgame
Name Jin Ke
Born 235 BC, China
First Death 203 BC, Executed for his part in coup against Emperor Qin
Origin Chinese
Watchers Andy Sloane
Status Deceased. 2004 - Beheaded by himself; Quickening to Jacob Kell
Occupation None
Portrayed by  Donnie Yen

Jin Ke was born in the 3rd century BC. He was a soldier in the service of the Chinese Emperor, Qin, and was responsible for protecting the workers who built the Great Wall of China from the attacks of nomads. Repelled by the emperor's behavior, and his bloody actions, he took part in a conspiracy to assassinate him, but the conspiracy was uncovered and its members were killed. Jin was then reborn as an Immortal.

He decided to live honorably, defending just causes and fighting evil. In order to become better, he isolated himself in a Buddhist temple to reach for the "light."

Meeting Jacob KellEdit

Circa 1800, Jin Ke made the acquaintance of Jacob Kell, possibly in China, who manages to enlist Jin Ke in his "cause" -- that of destroying Connor MacLeod and everything and everyone that he held dear, by convincing Jin Ke that honor existed only in total victory. Jin Ke became the very first of Kell's "flock" of Immortal disciples. In 2004, ten years after Connor MacLeod entered the Watcher Sanctuary, Jin Ke encountered Duncan MacLeod in New York City, in the ruins of Connor's loft, where he and Duncan fought, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Jacob Kell. Following Duncan's escape from the battle, Jin Ke realized that not only his time, but also that of his other fellow Immortal "flock" members, was growing short. He was beheaded by Kell.