Joe Scanlon
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Family Tree
Name Joe Scanlon
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Casino worker, con man
Portrayed by  J.E. Freeman
Joe Scanlon is a mortal from Seacouver. He ran the roulette wheel in Mrs. Gustavson's illegal casino until one night when a patron won $50,000 dollars at his table. Mrs. Gustavson was less than pleased and not only fired Scanlon, but demanded he repay the $50,000. She sent her enforcer Clinch to collect from Joe the money he owes.
Highlander the Series - Family Tree 02

Joe Scanlon working at the casino

Richie Ryan, in an effort to track down his parents, ran across Scanlon who then decided to play the role of Jack Ryan, Richie's long lost father. With Richie's trust he could gain access to the antique shop the young man worked in, and hopefully find enough to steal to cover his outstanding debt with his former employer.

He succeeded in stealing a pre-Columbian mask in solid gold from the shop, but when the furious Richie tracked him to Mrs Gustavson's, instead of running, he showed up to save Richie from Mrs Gustavson's thug, Clinch.  Then both of them were rescued by MacLeod.
Highlander the Series - Family Tree 21

Joe Scanlon meets Richie Ryan

With the mask restored to the shop, Richie put Scanlon on a bus for Tucson, Arizona, in search of "a little doll with a diamond in it."


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