Joey Lankovsky
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season 3 episode Vendetta
Died 1938
Nationality American
Status Deceased, killed by his brother
Occupation Club owner, bootlegger
Portrayed by  Edgar Davis, Jr.

A mortal criminal who got his start as a small time hood with the Purple Gang, "knocking over candy stores and graduated to hijacking booze."  Then he and his brother, Sid, opened up a night club, The Coconut Lounge, in Seacouver in the middle of Prohibition.  They were the biggest whiskey runners in town, until Prohibition was repealed and then their club became a legitimate business. 

Joey was the front man as well as a ladies man.  The club's headliner, Peggy McCall was his girl, but he wasn't above making moves on the waitresses and cigarette girls.  He became jealous when club patron, Duncan MacLeod paid attention to Peggy.  His brother, who coveted Peggy, used the tension between MacLeod and Joey to murder his brother and MacLeod and blame each death on the other.

In 1995, when Peggy discovered the facts behind Joey's death, "You took away the best thing that ever happened to me! Joey was my life!" she shot Sid to death.      


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