John L. Slocum was a Watcher active in the Dakota Territory, USA. During his life he observed several Immortals:

George Geddis - 1862 to 1863.

Roger Ludlow - 1863 to 1865.

Myra Clinton - 1866 to 1867 (her death)

Duncan MacLeod - 1867 to 1868.

Roberta Pembroke - 1868 to 1869 (her death)

In 1869 he was dismissed from the Watcher organization with predjudice, charged with having had physical relations and/or contributed to the deaths of Myra Clinton and Roberta Pembroke.  It was also clear that he had falsified records and destroyed a Chronicle.  He was allowed his freedom only with the threat that any breach of secrecy or attempt to exact revenge would result in a tribunal for treason, the punishment for which would be death.

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