John Ray Fielding
John Ray Fielding
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode "The Unknown Soldier"
Born 1886, England
First Death France, 1917 - Shot on the battlefield
Teachers Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Soldier
Portrayed by  Michael Rhoades

John Ray Fielding held the rank of corporal, and served in the 18th Battalion of the British Army on the Western Front in France in 1917.

World War I and Amanda Edit

Corporal Fielding was charged with an important command to retreat from combat. Amanda, however, stole the dispatch-bag, located directly next to the command, due to the presence of money and jewels. She knew that he would one day be Immortal, but did not tell him.

Shortly thereafter, 120 men died, including Fielding, in a hopeless battle, as Amanda's withdrawal order, which announced a massive attack by German troops, had been stolen. John Ray Fielding was hit by a bullet, and died in the mud of the battlefield for the first time.

John Ray Fielding gets robbed by Amanda, 1917

Later, he had to watch as his wife married another man, had children, and eventually became old and died. Fielding was but a soldier, as he had learned nothing else.

He fought in France during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and during the Second World War and in Korea (1950-1953) and Vietnam (1964-1973). His last mission was war in the Gulf War of 1991. Fielding served there in the First Armored Division, 15 Battalion of the U.S. Army. But in February 1991, he had to witness one of the U.S.'s own fighter planes fire a missile at his tank by mistake. Four of his comrades burned up in the tank, he himself "died" in front of it. They were buried in the United States in a military cemetery. His service number from this period: 43 8651 079th. Fielding has the blood type 0-positive, and belongs to the Anglican Church.

The 1990s and Forgiveness Edit


John Ray Fielding forgives Amanda

In 1998, Donald Magnus, (the brother of Carl Magnus), the pilot of the American fighter jet who had fired the missile, encountered Fielding. Shortly thereafter, he met Amanda, and saw the opportunity to take revenge for the death of his 119 comrades from the First World War.

Fielding discovered Amanda's name, and attempted to provoke a fight. Finally, Amanda conceded to his desire for revenge, and was willing to pay the ultimate price for her errors. Fielding would then have killed them both, but Nick Wolfe made it clear that this was not the right solution. Fielding forgave Amanda, and walked away.

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