John Stenn
John Stenn
Appeared in Highlander: The Final Dimension
Name John Stenn
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation NYPD detective
Portrayed by  Martin Neufeld
Lt. John Stenn is a NYPD detective investigating the head hunter killings. Stenn is a heavy smoker, habitual coffee drinker, mint-popping workaholic.

He remembers Russell Nash and the incidents of the first film. He is unaware of the Immortals and the Game. He is suspicious of Nash, however, because of the relationship that Nash had with Brenda Wyatt.

He has a conversation with Alex Johnson and told her to be careful of Nash, that he was dangerous. Stenn does take MacLeod in for interrogation and does eventually come to understand MacLeod's need to save his son John MacLeod and though he does not quite grasp or believe the reality of MacLeod's existence, lets him go find his son.

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