Johnny Leong
Johnny Leon
Appeared in Highlander: The Series episode Revenge of the Sword
Name Johnny Leong
Status Alive
Occupation Tong Boss
Portrayed by  Robert Ito

A tong crime boss who ordered the death of up and coming martial arts star, Jimmy Sang, a friend of Charlie DeSalvo's.  Leong worked behind the front of the Golden Dove Funeral Parlour. 

The movie Jimmy was making was based on his experiences with Leong when he was a boy, his father and his uncle were making half the minimum wage when they first arrived in the US so Jimmy joined Leong to protect his father and support his family.

In their final confrontation, Leong accused Jimmy of having no respect.  Jimmy replied that Leong deserved none.  Once his thugs subdued Jimmy, Leong put him in a coffin on the belt leading to the crematory.  MacLeod, however arrived in time to take out the thugs while Jimmy punched his way out of the coffin.

MacLeod convinced Jimmy not to kill Leong, not to leave a legacy of murder to his fans, but to testify against Leong and destroy the tong.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Actor Robert Ito also appeared as Hideo Koto in the episode The Samurai.