Johnny Sondringham
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode Blackmail
Name John Sondringham
Nationality English
Status Deceased
Portrayed by  Kelly Fiddick

A great friend of Duncan MacLeod's, like family to him, in 1805 England, Johnny fell afoul of Kurlow and Matlin who had met a young English nobleman, who wouldn't inherit any of his family's estate because he was not firstborn, but the second child. Since he did not join the army or the Church, it was easy for Kurlow and Matlin to incite him to steal the family treasure and then to seek his fortune in the colonies. Before he could make that journey, however, he was strangled by Lyman Kurlow. Kurlow and Matlin laid his body in a boat and set fire to it.

Conveniently Johnny, stumbled by, drunk, and was knocked unconscious by Matlin and Kurlow. They put the farewell letters of the victim on him. Matlin and Kurlow rightly speculated that Johnny would be accused of their crime. When he came to, he was in jail, accused of murder. MacLeod spent his time trying to find the real killers and checking on Johnny's family.

Unable to find the murderers, however, MacLeod was forced to confess to save Johnny from the hangman. Johnny was appalled, told the police they ad the wrong man. Released he tried to speak to MacLeod on the way to the gallows, "You can't just switch places with me!" and contiued to say he was innocent until he hanged.

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