Julian Heller
Julian Heller
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode The Ex-Files
Name Julian Heller
Status Deceased, beheaded by Nick Wolfe, Quickening received by Amanda in 1998.
Portrayed by  Julian Wadham
Julian Heller was an immortal who made his living as a physician.  In 1643 he worked as a doctor in the Black Forest. The law at that time stated  only priests and doctors could treat patients, and it was from this he effectively cornered the market. To assure his monopoly, he arrested the local wise woman who provided midwifery to those who would not be seen by others, he assistant at the time was the immortal  Amanda.  Both were accused of being witches, although they had only helped in childbirth. Susanne was brought to the stake, and Amanda tried to buy her life, promising Heller her stash of jewels.  He assured her he'd find them after she was dead.  The pyre was lit, and Amanda pulled away and shot the healer with a crossbow, to spare her a painful death.  She then, stole a horse and made good her escape.

Julian Heller, in 1643

In the modern era, Julian Heller developed a reputation as a respected transplant specialist. In truth, however, he was behind an organization that dealt in black market human organs. He provided kickbacks to administrators who provided the organs of prisoners and disabled persons who were killed. In early 1999 he was the target of a lawsuit charging Heller and his whole organization with murder and conspiracy. Lauren Wolfe , Nick Wolfe's ex-wife, was on board as the prosecutor.  She witnessed the death of an informant and the subsequent murder of her associate in their pursuit of evidence against Heller.

When Amanda discovered Heller was in Paris, she went to his offices and challenged him, but he had his security remove her and confiscate  her swords - one of her favorites.  He later confronted Lauren outside the courthouse and injected her with a lethal injection, and stole all of the damning evidence she had on her.  Her body was later discovered in a nearby stairwell.


Julian Heller in 1998

Heller retired to his grand home and burned all the evidence he had stolen and prepared to leave the country.  Amanda knew he'd make a break for it, and made her way there to challenge him.  He told her "I'll take your head and then use the rest of you.  I've never done an Immortal transplant. You'll be my grand experiment."  The two engaged in a vicious duel,  during which Amanda was knocked down a flight of marble steps, killing her. As Heller drew back his sword to behead her, Nick Wolfe arrived with a pistol.  Heller fled. Nick took Amanda's sword and pursued Heller with pistol and blade. Heller slashed open Nick's shoulder as he carelessly went through a door, and Nick fired driving Heller to cover.  Amanda, meanwhile, recovered, and pursued the two men out into the farmyard where Heller was tracking the wounded Nick.  Nick however, baited a trap for Heller, and then attacked from above, taking the man's head as he landed.  Amanda arrived only in time to take the Quickening.

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