Juliette Fitzcairn
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season 6 episode Unusual Suspects
Name Juliette Fitzcairn
Born February 2, 1898 in Croydon, England
Died 1942
Nationality English
Status Deceased
Occupation shop girl
Portrayed by  Cleo Rocos
Juliette was a Croyden shop girl who met Hugh Fitzcairn at a pantomime in 1923.  The ever extravagant Fitz, fell head over heels for her and they married May 7, 1923.

By 1929 Juliette had aspirations as a singer. Hugh Fitzcairn indulged her, and called her "the apple of my orchard, the fire of my heart."  When he collapsed and 'died' during a musical performance at his annual grouse shoot, she did a stellar job at screaming the house down.  At Fitz's funeral she gave the eulogy, which included the lyrics to The Fly Has Married the Bumblebee.  Meanwhile, Fitz, hiding in the green house, asked MacLeod to find out who had killed him, "If you won't get involved for my sake, then do it for the sake of that good woman!  I fear for her safety!"  Fitz  said that he was going to tell her everything, take her with him in his next life, that they really loved each other.

She spent the next two days of MacLeod's investigation, making moves on MacLeod, while five more bodies accumulate, including, apparently, that of Juliette. MacLeod's investigation hit a snag, when her 'body' disappeared from the freezer, only to reappear armed, and threatening MacLeod. She had taken a poison that mimicked death in order to throw suspicion for the remaining murders off her. She then shot MacLeod for knowing too much.  Fitz turned up, disguised as his own father, and was thoroughly appalled, "You really are a nasty piece of business, aren't you."

She then proceeded to tell him how she would blame the victims for the deaths of each other, culminating in MacLeod killing 'Fitzcain, Senior' whom she then would shoot in self defense. Completely disillusioned, he said:  "It's hard to see what Fitz ever saw in you."  To which she responded by shooting him - three times, with each shot accompanied by an insult from Fitz, until he collapsed beside MacLeod. 

Gloating, she leaned over the bodies only to have them revive, startling her. She dropped her gun, and they quickly improvised, and informed her they had suspected her and substituted blanks in her pistol.  She then tried to bribe MacLeod with her inherited wealth, but he informed her he prefered to wake up  in the morning.  The police were called and she was taken away.  Fitz allowed her to see him as she was being driven away which made her completely frantic.

She died in a prison for the criminally insane in 1942, swearing to the end that Fitz was still alive.