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Kamir 001
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "The Wrath Of Kali"
Born 350 Tamralipti, India
First Death c. 390 Killed when he interrupted robbers stealing Hindu goddess statue
Teachers Sanjiv Gupta
Origin Brahman
Watchers Mahendra Kantilal
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1995
Occupation Priest of Kali
Portrayed by  Kabir Bedi
The Brahman Kamir was a priest of Kali. He would die his first death around A.D. 390.  Kamir surprised some robbers who were stealing the statue of a Hindu God, and was killed by them. After he became Immortal, he was found by Sanjiv Gupta who became his mentor. Throughout his life Kamir identified himself with India and remained loyal to his country. He was up to the present day a priest of Indian religions, especially of Kali.

Kamir, back in 1764.

Thuggee CultEdit

By the year 1764, Kamir lived in India as a consultant to the Maharajas. The fact that he belonged to the Thug Cult, he managed to hide.  That year he met Duncan MacLeod, who was a new officer of the British.  Kamir was  involved in the murder on the British Colonel Ramsey.

One day Duncan saved the Indian woman named Vashti, she had to be burned with her dead husbad. Duncan took her with him, and Kamir was not pleased by this. A few days later, however, she decided to go the traditional route. Kamir helped Vashti in her suicide and supervised the ritual burning. MacLeod was angry at Kamir, but decided to stay in India until 1766. In these two years Kamir and Duncan met more often, as Bhailal observed MacLeod too.

The Wrath of KaliEdit

In 1995, Kamir lived in Delhi and was still fighting for the preservation of Indian culture. He followed the trail of the precious statue of Kali Bengal. He got it to an antiques dealer in London. The dealer, Martin Millay, indeed had the statue but already sold it to the United States. For his blasphemy, Kamir strangled Millay in the traditional way of the Thugee, with a silk cloth. Then he got on the next plane to Seacouver. He attended the University exhibition, where the statue had been shown. There he met  with Duncan MacLeod, who had been involved in the acquisition of the statue. Kamir wanted to pick up the Kali statue, which was sacred to him, and return it to India. But Shandra Devane, who was responsible for the issue, did not share his opinion. Kamir tried to persuade Duncan to return the statue.

He made an big impression on Richie Ryan with his views. The two would train several times. Although MacLeod was told of Kamir's murder of Millay, it was not easy to condemn Kamir. Kamir was prepared for a challenge, but also wanted Duncan to understand his motives. Eventually, Duncan managed to send the statue back to India, at the condition that Kamir would also go. Before he left, Kamir went to the campus that night and tried to kill Chandra in the name of Kali.

MacLeod expected this, and challenged him. They fought on the deserted campus. In the planetarium, Duncan finally defeated Kamir, and beheaded him..


Kamir's sword is a sabre, according to Rudy Bryant, Watcher Curator of Bladed Weapons, it seemed to be similar to the sabre of the 18th century British Light Infantry, with a long, curved single edged blade with a pistol grip hilt.  Bryant thought it an unusual choice for a high priest of Kali and Thuggee.

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