Kayla Brooks
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode "Reluctant Heroes"
Name Kayla Brooks
Born July 12, 1964 in Amarillo, Texas
Died September 25, 1995
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Occupation FBI Agent
Portrayed by  Jill Teed

A mortal woman and FBI field agent, she was corrupted by immortal assassin, Paul Kinman, and entered into an affair with him.

Over the period that they were involved, it was implied that she eliminated witnesses who were willing to testify against him, and corrupted evidence again him. When he failed in an assassination of grocer, David Markum, in Seacouver, and was spotted by MacLeod, she approached MacLeod to find out his intentions regarding testimony. She left him alone when it became clear he intended to deny any involvement in foiling the crime.

She then helped Kinman to escape custody, and in the process gunned down her own partner, Frank DeSantis. When clear of the city, she devised a kidnap scenario wherein Kinman killed her partner, and forced her to drive him out of the city. She suggested he rough her up and make it look good, then in a year or two she would claim post traumatic stress and leave the bureau to join him at his villa. He agreed that "maybe I did get your gun away" and then with a kiss, shot her to death to make her story "more convincing."