Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode The Lamb and in the Season Four episode Reunion
Aliases Kenny Adams, Kenny Jones, Kenny Brody, Kenny Ross
Born 1172, Hastings, England
First Death 1182, killed with his family by Norman tax collectors
Teachers Amanda
Origin Saxon England
Watchers Marcy Weingard
Status undetermined
Occupation Thief, wanderer
Portrayed by  Myles Ferguson

Kenneth is an extremely rare Immortal. Very few had their immortality triggered prior to adolescence, and fewer still survived. Kenneth suffered his First Death at about 11 years old, and survived for over 800 years. An extreme rarity.

Early lifeEdit

He was raised in twelfth century England by a peasant family. In 1182, his village was attacked by Normans where he experienced his First Death.

Kenny & Amanda, 1182

Amanda discovered him soon after, and taught him The Rules of The Game. In 1183, they were forced to split up when Amanda was arrested and hanged.

From there, he was a vagabond who used the lessons from Amanda for his own ends; interpreting her reference to his innocent looks as a perfect way to ensnare older, stronger immortals and behead them, thus using his youth as a weapon to eliminate the threat other immortals posed. This seemed to work well for him through the centuries as he traveled around Europe and eventually to America.

Modern HistoryEdit

In the last 800 years, Kenneth had become a bitter man who used the sympathy of other immortals for him to behead them. In 1975, Dallman Ross adopted Kenny, only for Kenny to betray him and kill his mortal wife.

In 1990, Immortal Frank Brody took him under his wing. Kenny again betrayed his patron and beheaded him. In 1994, Seacouver, he was found by Duncan MacLeod and Richie Ryan. He attempted to behead both without success.

Dallman Ross found him in Seacouver, but Kenny was able to surprise him and behead him.

In 1995, he again met Amanda and Duncan. He developed a plan using Terence Kincaid to kill Duncan. His plan failed thanks to Amanda's intervention.   


Kenny's weapon of choice was an English short sword. Most standard swords were beyond the strength of his child body to wield well, but the 14th century English short sword, fit his hand, had a reasonably short blade and was fairly easy to conceal, but was still weighty enough to deal a mortal blow.  He had never been recorded as actually facing another Immortal in a duel with it, but it work well for his standard  modus operandi- ambush.