Khabul Khan
Khabul Khan 001
Appeared in Highlander: The Final Dimension
Name Khabul Khan
Born circa A.D. 794 (China)
First Death Unknown
Teachers Kane
Origin Chinese
Status Deceased, 1994 - Beheaded by Connor MacLeod
Occupation Warrior
Portrayed by  Raoul Trujillo

Khabul Khan was one of Kane's Immortal henchman, seen in the film Highlander: The Final Dimension.

Personal HistoryEdit

Khabul Khan was born in eighth-century China. He was taught the ways of the warrior, but failed to learn true lessons of honor. He would go on to ride with the Mongols as a mercenary scout, proving himself to be an able tracker, and ruthless assassin. Eventually he was trapped for centuries under the shadow of greater Immortals than himself. He and his companion Senghi Khan met Kane circa A.D. 1241, and asked him to train them. Kane did so, and they became his devoted followers.

Around the year 1594, Kane was in search of his old Immortal teacher Nakano, and destroyed several Japanese villages in the process. Eventually they found Nakano's cave, located on Mount Niri, where Kane took the head of his former mentor, but the resulting Quickening caused the cave to collapse. Only Connor MacLeod escaped, while Khabul and the others were buried under rocks for centuries.

The Final DimensionEdit

In the year 1994, scientists discovered Nakano's cave in modern-day Japan. During one night, the three escape and murdered a guard. Kane wanting revenge on the Highlander, and sent Khabul Khan out to search for him. As Khabul was leaving the excavation-site, out he noticed a Quickening, and knew that Kane had killed Senghi Khan.

Khabul camouflaged his ancient clothes with some rags, and arrived in New York City, the location of The Gathering. Soon after his arrival, he sensed an Immortal in a mental hospital.

He pursued Connor MacLeod into the hospital laundry, where he taunted MacLeod, touting his own perceived personal battle-prowess. Khabul, knowing that Kane would kill him soon, defied his master's instructions and tried to take Connor's head for himself, but was beheaded by his own sword, thanks to a virtually unstoppable move that Nakano taught MacLeod centuries earlier.

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