Appeared in Highlander: The Element of Fire
Name Khordas
Born c. 963 B.C.
First Death Unknown
Pupils Nerissa
Origin Celtic
Watchers Unknown
Status Deceased, 1897 - Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod
Occupation Marauder

Khordas was the main antagonist of the novel Highlander: The Element of Fire.

Early History Edit

Khordas was an ancient Immortal, born circa 963 B.C.E. in prehistoric Scotland. He first lived in an village where he was worshiped as a god of fire (called "Salamander" by the ancient tribesmen there). After this indoctrination, he came to believe he really was a god.

Encountering the MacLeods Edit

During the 17th century, he was a pirate along with his Immortal pupil Nerissa. At that time, he first encountered Duncan and Connor MacLeod in mid-February, 1625. Connor challenged him in an attempt to gain justice for the murder of his friend, Carmichael, whose ship was destroyed by Khordas and Nerissa. However, Khordas escapes Connor’s wrath when the enraged Highlander is shot in the chest by Nerissa.

In early 1632, he burned a village in Scotland while the two MacLeods trained on a nearby mountain. Three months later, the two Highlanders finally track Khordas to Rannoch Moor, and confront him there. Duncan takes Nerissa's head during the battle (one of his earliest), but Khordas escapes once again.

Khordas gained a new Immortal henchman in 1737, when he encounters Lauren, a young woman who recently experienced her First Death after being burned by Scottish villagers as punishment for various crimes. She eagerly becomes Khordas's new student and partner in mass fiery destruction.

Final End Edit

It took 200 years, but in March 1854, after leaving China with a shipload of guns and explosives, Connor MacLeod’s ship, the HMS Rosemary, is attacked and destroyed by Khordas and Lauren. Duncan's own student Amber Lynn's head is taken by Khordas during the battle. The ship is lost with all hands, save for Connor and Duncan.

A couple of decades later, Duncan MacLeod became a hotel owner on Nantucket. From 9-15 February 1897, Khordas and Lauren capture the steamer Gratiano, where Khordas “kills” Duncan's pre-Immortal friend Gabriela Maria Cuadra de Savedra, triggering her latent Immortality.

Connor MacLeod, using the identity “David Carruthers” as captain of the ship Dido, helps Duncan to finally defeat the Immortal Khordas, though Lauren escapes during the battle. Khordas's Quickening goes to Duncan.

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