Ramirez and Quentin hide from the Hunters in an abandoned city. They find an entrance into a subway system, and are shocked when a train arrives to pick them up as the Hunters close in on them. They meet Zak, the only city resident who was not taken as a slave. He takes them to a lower level, but Arak cuts the power to the train and goes to level 13 to capture them. Zak brings them to a tunnel of anomas, with whom he communicates; they do not attack them due to a gas that Zak sprays on them. An anoma captures Clyde after she removes the gas scent, and Zak leads them to find her in the queen's chamber. Quentin fights the queen and Zak has to calm her down. The Hunters appear and capture them, but the anomas, under Zak's control, attack the Hunters. Zak decides to leave the tunnels for life on the surface.

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