Kurgan rising

The fourth and final episode in the first season of the Highlander audio series.


In 2008, the magnate, Augustus Mason, lured Duncan MacLeod to his Parisian office building. There he let Duncan fight against his former friend, the Immortal Justino Alberez. Duncan tried to spare his friend, but Alberez was tortured and drugged. He didn't recognise Duncan and tried to kill him. Duncan had no choice and beheaded Alberez. This was just as Mason had planned. The building was holy ground and in the following Quickening the Kurgan was brought back to life. Mason planned to drug him and make a brainless follower. But Connor MacLeod also returned. Together the Highlanders foil Mason's plans.


Duncan MacLeod

Connor MacLeod

Justino Alberez, A former monk.

The Kurgan

Augustus Mason, tried to use the Kurgan to rule the world.

Unnamed female Immortal, Beheaded by the Kurgan.

Joe Dawson, Duncan's Watcher.

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