Appeared in Highlander: The Search for Vengeance
Name Kyala
Born 16th century Japan
First Death 16th century Japan
Teachers Marcus Octavius
Origin Japanese
Status Deceased, A.D. 2187, Quickening lost
Occupation Warrior, Concubine, Servant

Kyala was the only pupil of the Immortal Marcus Octavius. She was a warrior from Japan, who died on the battlefield in the 1500s. Octavius found her and took her as his servant. Kyala became just as evil and corrupt as he was.

She was a good fighter who liked to kill. In the year AD 2187, she tried to kill Colin MacLeod, but was mortally wounded by his mortal lover Dahlia. As soon she revived, Kyala stabbed Dahlia and assumed her dead.

With her last strength, Dahlia put a hand grenade in Kyala's mouth. Kyala died in the explosion, and her Quickening was lost.


Kyala's abilities were exceptional, she was able to take out most enemies without using needles, but when backed in a corner she resorted to that weapon. Kyala also maintained a high skill in piloting,and was able to fly a helicopter with ease. Kyala was also agile, able to maneuver with speed and reflexes such as when she fought in a arena and took out most of her enemies easily.


Kayla had a slight muscular build, wore a green dress divided by strings revealing cleavage. She wore black hair short, loop ear rings, and tall, green heels (where she keeps her needles.)

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