Kyra 1
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Patient Number 7
Aliases Kyraxanthos, Kyra Albright, Kyra Stamoulis
Born 450 BC, Sparta
First Death 425 BC, fatal fall in a foot race, male rival suspect
Teachers Aegilaus
Origin Sparta
Watchers Marjorie Brubeck
Status Alive
Occupation Bodyguard
Portrayed by  Alice Evans

Kyra was found abandoned as a child and raised by a priestess of Diana. She spent her entire youth thinking about her parents and why they exposed her as a baby. She wondered if it was because her parents had wanted a boy, as it often happened in Sparta. She always had the feeling of having to prove herself. Kyra experienced her first death about 425 BC when she fell in a race. Even after she found out the truth about her immortality, she still had the need to prove herself against every man. Kyra, by her own testimony, was a soldier for a thousand years.


Kyra, 1640

In 1640, she lived in France, and was the protector of Queen Anne. One evening she met in a tavern on Duncan MacLeod. He witnessed how she instigated a fight with two men of Cardinal Richelieu, which she won. She wanted to ensure that Richelieu would not bother the Queen on her journey the next day. Kyra was forced to share the only room of the tavern with Duncan, "in strict compliance with the rules of decency." The two, however, shared a passionate night. Kyra and Duncan remained friends, but not lovers. They met at least once more, at the end of the 19th Century.

In 1988, Kyra was hired as the bodyguard for Judge Richard Albright. The two fell in love, and Kyra revealed her immortality to him. They stayed together for 10 years. Richard's sense of justice and kindness made a deep impression on Kyra. In 1998, the judge worked for six months to put behind bars the war criminal Milos Vladic. Although Kyra knew that Vladic was an Immortal, she did not take his head because she thought he must be tried by a court of law. After sentence was handed down, however, Richard was shot and killed by Vladic. Kyra fled the assassins by jumping out the window. She was taken to a hospital, where she awoke with traumatic amnesia.


Upon her escape from the hospital

It was in a Parisian mental hospital Vladic's men sought her out. She escaped, and wandered helplessly around the city. She met Duncan MacLeod by chance, who recognized her, and took her to his barge. Kyra slowly regained memories of her life. Particularly, she remembered a certain house. When they found the house, and broke in, her memory came back completely, as she recognized the scene of the assassination. With renewed vigor, she let Vladic know that she wanted his head by way one of his soldiers. Shortly after, Vladic called a meeting. Kyra was able to disable all of his guards. She cornered him alone, armed only with a sword, and took his head.


Kyra's current weapon of choice was an 18th century cutlass.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • She has a birthmark on her left thigh, in the form of a small butterfly
  • She is fluent in Arabic.