Lancerlay is the Jettator of History. He is an very skilled swordfighter, as is seen when he disarmed Kortan in a duel. Once he lived in Mogonda, but eventually left with several slaves. Lancerlay and his followers found a new home in an old Cathedral.

Ramirez takes Quentin MacLeod to see him. Lancerlay wants prove that he is really the Highlander. They have an duel which Quentin wins, thanks to an move he learned from Ramirez. Meanwhile Kortan's troops are attacking. Lancerlay gives his Quickening to Quentin, it causes the destruction of Kortan's troops.

Trivia Edit

  • In the german dub of the series Lancerlay was named "Lancelot", after the mystical knight from the Artus-saga.
  • Contrary to the other Jettators, his sword wasn't destroyed when he gave his Quickening to Quentin.

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