Appeared in Highlander: The Series episode Revenge of the Sword
Name Lao
Died 1993
Status Deceased, killed by a stray bullet
Occupation Buddhist Monk
Portrayed by  Mina E. Mina

An old friend of MacLeod's,  who called him 'Grandfather Lao'.  He lived at the Buddhist retreat in Seacouver, and gave advice to many, including MacLeod, whose visits he looked forward to, and whose questions he enjoyed.

On their last visit, Lao told Duncan he had a feeling it would indeed be their last, but MacLeod should not sad, for only Lao's body would be gone, and perhaps he would return as a carp in the compound's pond...and perhaps MacLeod should avoid eating any fish, "...just in case."

A few days later, when Jimmy Sang came to Lao for advice, they along with MacLeod spoke at the retreat's gates.  A Tong gunman, trying to kill Jimmy, opened fire on them, and killed Lao.

Lao and Jimmy Sang

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