Laura Brennan was a second generation Watcher, recruited by Norman Brennan after her graduation from Catholic University in Washington, DC. She completed her training at the Watcher Academy in 1969 with the class rank of 4 from a field of 97. She was skilled in research and investigation and was fluent English and French. She married before starting work as an historian immediately after graduation.

While working late in the archives, she and classmate Joe Dawson indulged in a little too much wine and entered into a brief affair which resulted in pregnancy. The affair was kept secret, and Laura petitioned to resign, stating her pregnancy as the reason for the request. Accompanied by depositions from her supervisor and fellow historian, Dawson, which attested to 'extenuating circumstances' that would cause her undue stress, the Tribunal allowed a two year sabbatical to be followed by an evaluation by the Department of Psychology and Counseling.

At the end of her scheduled sabbatical, Laura's request to resign was granted. Her daughter, Amy, would take take her place in the ranks of the Watchers, class of 1997.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Laura Brennan was named for Highlander: The Series sixth season Script Coordinator and Associate Creative Consultant on Highlander: The Raven.  She is also the author of the short story, The Star of Athena in the An Evening at Joe's anthology.


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