Laura Daniels
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Under Color of Authority
Name Laura Daniels
Born September 6, 1973 in Prattville, Texas
Died February 10, 1994 struck by a automobile
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Occupation Former housewife
Portrayed by  Deanna Milligan

A fugitive, she was wanted for murdering her husband. A bounty hunter called Mako, an Immortal, tracked her down in Seacouver. Mako nearly caught her, but she was saved by Immortal Richie Ryan.

Mako tried to force Richie to tell him where she was, but Richie lied and then he and Laura ran.

They ran to a motel with Mako in pursuit, by the next day, Mako had tracked them and  they escaped out the back window.   She confessed to Richie that she murdered her husband, that she had stabbed him when he beat her.  She ran off and MacLeod tried to talk sense to Richie.  Laura returned in a panic, saying she had spotted Mako's car.  When the ran again, Mako and MacLeod were both in pursuit. 

A few blocks away, Richie sensed Mako's approach and tried to convince her they had to stop running.  She pulled away and Mako accelerated toward them just as she fell into the street.  Laura was killed, struck by Mako's vehicle, and Richie, furious with Laura's death, challenged Mako and took his head.

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