Unknown (3)
Appeared in Highlander: The Element of Fire
Name Lauren
Born 1705
First Death Unspecified - After 1705
Teachers Khordas
Origin Scottish
Watchers Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Marauder

Lauren is an Immortal who appeared in the novel Highlander: The Element of Fire.

Early Life Edit

Lauren was born in Scotland in the year 1705. Inherently wicked, Lauren would go on to commit many crimes against her people, culminating in execution by being burned alive at the stake. Her fiery First Death triggering her latent Immortality, she was unable to revive fully before also being buried alive in a grave by the townspeople.

She finally escaped, and began to wander Scotland in search of answers to the secrets of Immortality, but it was not long before she encountered Khordas, who became her First Teacher, and with whom Lauren became an eager partner in mass destruction. Khordas, a megalomaniac, who had previously been worshiped as a god by prehistoric tribes, became a deity in Lauren's eyes, who becomes fanatically devoted to him.

Later Years Edit

In 1854, Lauren and Khordas attacked Connor MacLeod's ship, HMS Rosemary, en route from Asia to America, burning it, and killing the entire crew. During the battle, the young Immortal student of Duncan MacLeod, Amber Lynn, was beheaded by Lauren, and her Quickening taken.

Several decades later, Lauren assumed the identity "Lauren Drake," and in 1897 she and Khordas attacked the steamer Gratiano off the coast of Nantucket. Lauren killed Duncan's newest student and companion, the latent Immortal Gabriela Maria Cuadra de Savedra, triggering her nimmortality and causing her to revive. Following the intervention of Connor MacLeod aboard his ship Dido, Lauren's "god" Khordas was finally defeated, his head and Quickening taken by Duncan.

Lauren, however, managed to escape the battle, and went into hiding.

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