Lauren Wolfe
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode The Ex-Files
Name Lauren Wolfe
Died 1999
Nationality American
Status Deceased, poisoned by Julian Heller
Occupation Attorney
Portrayed by  Rochelle Redfield
Lauren was Nick Wolfe's ex-wife, she worked as a prosecuting attorney.  While working in Paris, she witnessed the death of an informant and the subsequent murder of her associate in their pursuit of evidence against a suspect, Julian Heller.

Lauren Wolfe and Amanda

Heller later confronted Lauren outside the courthouse and injected her with a lethal poison, stealing all of the evidence she had against him on her.  Her body was later discovered in a nearby stairwell.

Miscellaneous  InformationEdit

Rochelle Redfield is another actor that visited the Highlander universe more than once, she also portrayed the assassin Margo in the Highlander: the Series episode Black Tower


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