Linda Plager
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 2 episode "Studies in Light"
Name Linda Plager
Born November, 24, 1915 in Seacouver, Washington
Status Deceased, 1993
Occupation photographer
Portrayed by  Gillian Carfra/Sheila Moore
A mortal photographer and former lover of Duncan MacLeod. Linda started her career as a tabloid photographer in 1938, but with encouragement from MacLeod, "Your camera sees what you want it to see. You could shoot hope or despair, garbage or flowers. It all depends on where you want to spend your life," she turned her talents to art photography and became not only lauded for her work, but famous. 

Linda in 1938

In the 1990s, she was an elderly woman. Her last show, "Studies in Light and Darkness" with another photographer, Greg Powers, drew MacLeod and Tessa.  MacLeod discovered from Greg, a fellow immortal, that Linda was dying.  She spotted him at the show and recognized Duncan, but her care giver thought her loopy due to her medication, Duncan was speechless, he had never thought to see her again, and had never told her what he was.

Once Linda was hospitalized, MacLeod went to her, both to protect her from the demented Greg, but to finally tell her who he was, that she was right:  "Don't ask me to explain, Linda. It's not something you need to understand now. But what you need to understand... is that you've always been very important to me."

She expressed her gratitude for his help and encouragement, and sorrow for having left him.  In her last moments, he assured "I'm so proud of you...always have been."  

She smiled, "Thank you, Duncan.  Thank you so much for everything."  

"The pleasure was mine", and he wept at her passing.              

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